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Easy to use search method to help you quickly find the suitable life partner for you. While searching/viewing you can straight away reach the site with preference of caste/religion and gender, you will see only a few essential particulars of his/her Registration Code,Date of Birth,Height,Qualification,Profession,Salary,What he/She is looking for and there property share along with a full screen size photograph of the candidate. But you will not find the other particulars like family background, contact address, telephone, email etc. For this facility you will have to become our members by paying the specified fee and get yourself registered as our members.

For becoming a member you will have to get registered with us. You have to provide all particulars mentioned in Registration form plus two Photographs.

When you browse our web site, you please take note of our registration code of the candidates that you are interested in and ask for full details including their contact address by telephone/e-mail.

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