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About 4000 years ago. In the Aranya Parva of that great epic of the the Mahabharata, one of the 120 questions the Yaksha asked Yudhishtira was " kimsvin mitram grihesatah? " i.e. who is the friend of a householder? To which the prince answered " bhaaryaa mitram grihesatah " i.e. the friend of a householder is his spouse. According to our shastras, therefore, the basis for marriage is friendship, this friendship is the understanding, the promise and the commitment that unites a man and a woman.

Centuries ago, civilized societies recognized and acknowledged the most basic instincts of all- i.e. the need for companionship - and founded an honorable institution known as marriage. As a society, we need to realize the wisdom in these ancient truths spoken by our ancestors.

Vanajrao quick marriage is proud of this rich heritage of the Indian culture which is believed to be more than 5000 years old. In tandem with the strong societal tradition of companionship, marriage being the ultimate institution for the formation of and development of civilizations and societies we at Vanaja Rao Quick Marriages along with our vast experience of solemnizing marriages are able to help you in identifying your right partner.

Vanaja Rao Quick marriages Pvt Ltd. endeavors to bring modern parlance into the tradition of marriages by upholding our culture. We are a world renowned consultancy catering to Indian marriages of all caste and religion. We at vanajarao quick marriages strive for perfect match making considering the need of the brides and grooms.

Mrs. Vanaja Rao a writer, journalist and a philanthropist, believes in " equality of individuals " regardless of gender. In her efforts to continuously build up relationships with strong bonding and mutual respect, she has now devoted her full time for the noble purpose of match making. Her distinctive approach in guiding and advising suitable alliances is noteworthy. With her years of radiant experience and millions of marriages settled so far she is the right mentor for future grooms and brides. She not only helps in finding suitable matches but also councils for beautiful family with right values for the newlywed couples. Her efforts are echoed by one and al. The successfully complete innumerable alliances are a testimony to her work in the Matrimonial sector. We would like to echo the words of MRS vanajaro " each and every marriage settled by me is a marriage in my family for they are my kids."

Vanaja Rao Quick Marriages Pvt Ltd., is for one and all in and around the world, There are innumerable profiles based of different requirements of education caste religion and nativity to name a few. Every day many happy clients come down to share their news of settled matches and wedding invitations. We are also happy to inform that the network of our branches and happy customers are adding up to the number of profiles every day. The Profiles in and are only a very few of the huge commendable database available with us, this static website in only to facilitate the customer.

Our belief in our optimum quality of service and the commitment for the best suitable match making, is making Vanaja Rao Quick Marriages Pvt ltd., as the most admired and the NUMERO UNO marriage consultancy.